利亚姆·伍丁由Ruby Shirres拍摄

古典钢琴家的职业只发生在少数人身上, and University of 凯时k66平台 doctoral student Liam Wooding is well on the way.

Liam (Ngāti Hinearo, Ngāti Tuera, Te Ati Haunui-a-Pāpārangi) has been awarded a 富布赖特新西兰普通研究生奖 to study at the University of California San Diego (UCSD) to research music performance – study that will feed into his 凯时k66平台 音乐艺术博士 (DMA).


“This is a great opportunity to expand my thinking – a continuation of my current work, 但是有了新的输入和新的环境. I’ll also be able to audit classes and probably gain some further teaching experience.”

Liam will have mentorships with percussion professor at UCSD Steven Schick, 他已经认识的人, 以及钢琴教授亚力克·卡里斯.

他在凯时k66平台的导师是 Martin Lodge教授, Convenor of Music and Head of Composition at the University and a prominent New Zealand composer.


“I wanted to work with someone who understood the world of New Zealand music and its particular issues,利亚姆说.

His DMA topic is New Zealand piano music and he works with Professor Lodge long distance.

2017年,完成了他的学业 音乐硕士凯时k66平台, Liam headed to Melbourne to complete the Professional Performance Program at the Australian National Academy of Music.

“The high-performance environment at the Australian National Academy created a huge shift in me and put me on the path I’m on now,他说.

利亚姆的第一张商业唱片, 玩笔, was released on the Atoll label in 2019, the same year he graduated in Melbourne. The album spent several weeks at the top of the Radio New Zealand classical music charts. In 2020 Liam was an artist in residence at the Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity in Canada.

These days he’s mostly practising, reading and writing “or scribbling” for his doctorate.

“我也在澳大利亚和新西兰演出, and I also teach at the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts in Perth where I’m now based.”

他的表演接近20岁th 尤其是新西兰作曲家.

“在选择音乐会节目时, it’s often what I’m interested in at the time – ticking off works I feel I need to play, 但它也有品牌方面的因素,他说. “Pianists do gain a certain reputation by the music they play – think Michael Houstoun and Beethoven, 他们一模一样. 对我来说,我玩了很多20th century repertoire; it’s a style and aesthetic that I connect strongly with and will continue to explore.”

Liam says there’s also an ethical dimension to programming and this is where the promotion of New Zealand music becomes important.

“音乐会节目传达的是一套价值观. It’s a chance to tell a story about music and culture, but also what’s important to you. Playing music that is and of contemporary New Zealand is an important strand of my musical life – it’s a way that I can bring my musical world with the world around me closer together.”

小时候在旺加努伊长大, 利亚姆不认为自己是个表演者, but once he started learning the piano he worked through the grades and became a regular collaborating musician, 在室内乐团体中演奏并担任伴奏的.

“Playing the piano was something that made me feel good and I was good at it, 这得益于我早年有一位伟大的老师. 现在我有点老了, 部分原因可能是大流行, 我重新考虑了我想在音乐上做什么, 我知道我想更多地作为一个独奏者演奏.”

Liam will take up his Fulbright award in January and will be based in the USA for the year.



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